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Welcome to a unique and exciting project in Wessington, Derbyshire: to make a real Derbyshire cider from a blend of traditinal Derbyshire varieties, locally interesting or relavant vars and cider vars.  We have been planting and growing this orchard since 2011, as a family project, starting with some 2 year old Newton Wonders and 1 year old Beeley Pippins, which have produced some growing quantities of fruit.  In 2012/13 the majority of the rest of the orchard was planted with 1 year old saplings, all of which are now beginning to produce crops of fruit, and the last trees that completed the orchard were planted in early 2016.

Barry has been heard on local radio and seen on local news talking about the orchards, about harvests and even about issues like EU plans to tax small cider producers and has advised a number of of community orchard projects.

Have a look around our website, follow our story as we embark upon a journey to recreate a lost taste of Derbyshire. 

We have planted what we believe is the only orchard that has all of the known old Derbyshire varieties, bringing some of these unique apples from the edge of extinction.  We are now in 2021 and our orchard looks more and more mature each passing year.    

Orchards are truly amazing places, evocative of a slower rural way of life and ours is very much part of our family's life, and now the life of our local community and a place where we hold Farmers Markets and various other events.  It's even a place for our annual Wessington Wassail!  Via our Amber Valley Vineyards website keep an eye on our future events.

Real cider is making a big comeback as people turn their backs on the watered down uniform mass-produced products available from supermarkets or trendy city centre pubs and clubs. People want that sharp, complex and well-developed flavour that only real cider delivers.

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